No compromise on performance and quality

It has never been more important to stand out from the crowd than in today’s competitive beverage market. Precise application of high-quality labels contributes to an excellent brand experience. At the same time, a growing variety of beverage types and container formats have made filling more challenging. To meet these demands, Sidel has introduced the new EvoDECO labelling solutions and two additions to its filling portfolio: EvoFILL Can and EvoFILL Glass.

Designed for total flexibility

The new EvoDECO platform is built using the latest technologies, regardless of model or configuration. This gives producers the ability to choose solutions based on their specific labelling needs and output levels, without compromising on flexibility, efficiency or sustainability. These labelling solutions might either include several labelling applications in one multi-technology machine or a single labelling application through dedicated equipment, for optimised uptime, reduced footprint and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Staying ahead with greater versatility

A broader number of SKUs (stock-keeping units) and numerous can sizes on the market call for higher flexibility, requiring swift changes between still and carbonated, as well as hot-, ambient- and cold-filled beverages. Sidel’s new filler, EvoFILL Can, addresses top hygienic requirements and ensures an efficiency of 98.5 per cent. The solution can process a wide range of beverage temperatures, fill CSD (carbonated soft drinks) at ambient temperatures and still drinks in hot-fill, plus handle all possible can-end types and any varying can heights because the carousel adjustment is fully automatic.

High product quality and low TCO

The latest addition to Sidel’s filling portfolio, EvoFILL Glass, is a technologically advanced level probe filler for glass bottles. By combining the best hygienic conditions with greater sustainability and performance levels, it helps beer, CSD and JNSDIT (Juice Nectars, Soft Drinks, Isotonics and Teas) manufacturers eliminate any challenge linked to different speeds, bottle sizes, beverage and filling temperatures.

CoboAccess_Pal wins prestigious award

The ultra-compact, fenceless palletiser recently introduced by Sidel is designed to perfectly match the needs of very demanding production environments, where reliability is imperative. In recognition of the smart use of robotics and software to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety, the Cobo­Access_Pal was awarded as the Best Innovative Robotics Solution at the PPMA Industry Awards 2018.

Collaborative robotics, or cobotics, increase production line efficiency and reliability by improving working conditions and allowing operators to handle tasks with higher added value in a safe working environment. They also minimise mistake rates due to high automation. CoboAccess_Pal leverages the advantages offered by cobotic solutions in terms of compactness and flexibility, ensuring full reliability, greater ease-of-use and operator safety.

Its industrial automation platform enables precise, better-controlled cobot trajectories, leading to ideal pallet quality and stability, which are instrumental for smooth pallet transportation through the supply chain. Additionally, it allows for immediate restarting of the machine in case of potential problems or emergency stops, thereby minimising downtime.

Marc Daniel, VP Sales Food, Home & Personal Care ECA – Europe & Central Asia, Sidel, comments, “We have been delighted to receive this prestigious award for our
CoboAccess_Pal. This robust cobotic palletiser – particularly suited for low-speed applications – underlines our company’s commitment to help producers embrace Industry 4.0
opportunities. Moreover, the extreme safety of the equipment has also been objectively certified; all of that in addition to the equipment’s full compliance with European Machinery
Directive 2006/42/EC.”