A new experience for cows and customers

In 2018, DeLaval introduced a new robotic milking system, the DeLaval VMS V300, which helps farmers reduce their dependence on labour availability while keeping them at the forefront of productivity, animal welfare and food safety.

The system directly addresses farmers’ daily challenges by using technological advances that allow them to do more with less. It employs DeLaval InSight™, the latest in vision technology with a new camera and new software that enables superior attachment of the teat cup to the cow. Smoother, faster attachment means not only efficiency gains and reduced overall milking time, but also more relaxed cows.

Seeing is believing

The InSight™ technology also enables a nearly-­perfect teat spray hit rate, which avoids the waste of both disinfection chemicals and time, so that farmers increase productivity while safeguarding animal health.

DeLaval PureFlow™ is a new transparent teat cleaning and preparation cup that ensures the highest milk quality and food safety by keeping both water and air in a separate circuit, away from the milk.

The VMS™ V300 offers real-quarter milking, which means that each of the four teats, or quarters, are milked individually. The milking stops once each individual quarter is finished, which is better for the cow while saving both time and energy.

More control, higher productivity

The milking system comes with DeLaval InControl™, a new user experience that allows access to information and remote control of the system from either a smart device – phone, tablet or laptop – or right at the machine. The farmer can control all aspects of the machine, without compromising worker or animal safety.

The combined effect of all of the new features of the VMS™ V300 render a potential capacity of up to 3,500 kg of milk per day, which is up to 10 per cent higher than the previous model. Running costs are lower due to convenient location of the service parts within the machine, making service faster for technicians.

Furthermore, the DeLaval InService™ All-Inclusive customer programme offers service, consumables, and advisory services at a fixed price. This enables farmers to focus on the business of dairy farming, knowing that every time they milk, the system’s performance is optimised.