We commit to making food safe and available, everywhere


Tetra Pak’s 2020 Strategy, introduced in 2010, focuses on ensuring the company is properly positioned to face the challenges, and capture the opportunities, of our continually-­changing business landscape.

Since its launch, we have secured growth across all parts of our business model: capital equipment, packaging materials and services. In doing so, we have moved beyond our core business of carton packaging for dairy and juice, with a particular focus on strengthening our processing and service offerings, and on creating new business opportunities in non-traditional food and beverage categories.

At the same time, we have become leaner and more productive, taking steps to greatly improve our organisational effectiveness and operational performance.

We have accelerated value driven innovation, developing our portfolio to help meet current and future customer needs, with particular recent focus on digital products and services.

And we have continued to pursue environmental excellence, expanding that agenda to embrace the broader elements of corporate responsibility and taking steps to ensure that sustainable thinking is embedded into our long-term business strategy.


Our value proposition to customers is built on a straightforward commitment: to place their success at the heart of everything we do.

In practice, this means dedicating ourselves not only to understanding their needs, but also those of their customers, using our global resources, industry expertise and market insight to help them fulfil their ambitions.

As the leading innovator in the food proc­essing and packaging industry, providing end-to-end solutions, we focus on ensuring that our customers deliver products of outstanding quality and consumer appeal, while maintaining the highest standards of food safety, operational performance and sustainability.

It is a value proposition designed to end a clear message: that we are one company, putting the customer first, in pursuit of our shared vision.