Super Combi brings intelligence to today’s production

By utilising integrated data-driven intelligence and innovative technologies from Sidel, the new Super Combi makes optimum performance easily and continuously achievable across the entire production process for manufacturers of PET bottled water and carbonated soft drinks (CSD). This cutting-edge solution has been recognised as ‘Best Manufacturing or Processing Innovation’ in the World Beverage Innovation Awards presented at the Drinktec trade fair in 2017.

Sidel Super Combi is the next generation solution integrating five process steps: preform feeder, blower, labeller, filler/capper and cap feeder into an all-in-one smart system. To deliver this self-optimising performance and increased long-term value, it combines intelligent automation with innovative technologies of connected machines and data-­analytics management, leading to optimised production and maintenance services.

A smarter solution for today’s demands

“Beverage producers simply want a solution that does the thinking for them and acts on their behalf. This is where Sidel Super Combi, with its data-driven intelligence and advanced automation, provides the answers,” says Frédéric Sailly, Executive Vice President of Product Management and Development at Sidel.

For instance, autonomous regulation is achieved via Sidel Intelli-adjust™ controlling the system’s performance and automatically applying adjustments wherever they are needed. Long-term enhancement without compromising on simplified operation, reduced maintenance time and minimal downtime are all also possible thanks to intuitive interfaces such as augmented reality guidance and GPS localisation. By ‘learning from experience’, the Sidel InUse platform is able to predict potential failures and optimise maintenance plans.

The lowest production cost per square metre

To ensure an even more sustainable production, the Super Combi has been entirely engineered to significantly reduce the use of resources. Moreover, via minimised changeover times, a new ergonomic, compact design – up to 30 per cent smaller when compared to standalone equipment – and increased visibility of all blocks, the solution makes single-operator control possible.

Innovative labelling flexibility to minimise downtime

With different machine configurations possible based on the output required, the new labelling process is highly efficient and provides unmatched process flexibility. The integrated labeller is able to carry out different labelling processes, to deliver uncompromising continuous high-speed production with no product loss or reduction in speed.

AQFlex – the smart product-handling solution

With the packaging industry facing in­creas­ingly sophisticated consumption trends that present challenges to the production and distribution of goods, Gebo Cermex is responding to these complexities with the introduction of AQFlex® – a break­through product-handling technology. Thanks to its radically new approach of conveying and accumulation, AQFlex delivers unprecedented packaging line performance. It offers this in a very compact space, together with unique agility and smooth contactless product conveying and accumulation.

With packaging quality playing a key role in brand recognition and ever-increasing production diversity, manufacturers and brand owners are making higher demands when it comes to their line requirements. They cannot afford to compromise on extended performance in terms of production uptime, efficiency and reliability, always paying close attention to minimising TCO (total cost of ownership).

“AQFlex is the new IQ in product handling, en­compassing all the advantages of the existing conveying machines in a much smarter way,” says Ludovic Tanchou, Vice President Strategy, Products and Innovation at Gebo Cermex.

Freeing product innovation thanks to total flexibility

AQFlex is a new concept in packaging solutions that accommodates any product, whatever the application, whatever the market, in all container materials, formats and shapes, full or empty, while also enabling automatic change­­overs and ensuring total care of product integrity.

High performance through unprecedented capability

More proof of the unique packaging line performance of AQFlex is its ability to operate at any speed, from 1,000 to 100,000 containers per hour, delivering energy savings of up to 60 per cent, without compromising high efficiency (99.5 per cent even at high speeds). Additionally, the system offers the best accumulation to space ratio on the market: It is up to 40 per cent smaller compared to traditional solutions.