HIGHLIGHTS 2017/2018

Niagara Bottling LLC invests in the Sidel Super Combi

Niagara Bottling LLC has built its success on supplying high-quality, low-cost water to major retailers from its many plants throughout the US and Mexico.

With 55 years of business experience and more than 15 complete PET lines from Sidel installed at its production sites, the company recently enriched its operations by adding two Super Combis. The solution is already producing bottled water for Niagara’s markets, enabling this ambitious bottler to increase efficiency through high-speed manufacturing and data management – key to guiding information assessment and decision-making from operator to management level.

“The Super Combi concept is going to allow us to enhance our performance in a very smart way,” says Bill Hall, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing at Niagara Bottling LLC.

Sidel partners with Coca-Cola in developing new design for Fanta bottle in PET

Sidel has collaborated with The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) in the new “spiral” PET bottle project. The company’s 40 years of experience in PET packaging was instrumental in the successful rejuvenation of the Fanta brand and the challenges involved in getting it right.

First appearing on shelves in the 1940s, Fanta is TCCC’s biggest brand after Coke. After years of success in the international soft drinks market, the Fanta Splash shape had effectively become owned by the beverage category rather than the brand. Consequently, Coca-Cola decided to develop a new proprietary Fanta packaging shape.

TCCC involved Sidel in this design journey as an experienced supply partner and Sidel has qualified the new Fanta bottle for industrial production. The company’s expertise in PET packaging helped the customer overcome the deformation and stability issues presented by the new “spiral” design.

A similar bottle shape has been deployed for the whole Fanta PET bottle family and it is now available for 500 ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litre and 2 litre formats.

First in Italy to invest in Sidel aseptic Combi Predis

Centrale del Latte di Brescia has doubled its aseptic production of UHT milk in PET bottles and in doing so is benefitting from Sidel’s aseptic and environmentally friendly combined blow-fill-cap solution with dry preform decontamination – the aseptic Combi Predis™.

This innovation-driven choice – a first for Italy – was an important step forward in terms of food safety, ease of operations and sustainable production, as well as cost-savings, with Sidel dry preform decontamination technology using no water and only minimal amounts of chemicals.

Logoplaste benefits from Sidel Services Online

Logoplaste, a leading global manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging, is benefiting from Sidel Services Online. This new, user-friendly web interface maximises line uptime by providing fast, easy and reliable online searching for Sidel original spare parts. The interface also gives customers a comprehensive online view of their existing Sidel equipment with access to technical documents and e-catalogues.

“Today all fifteen Logoplaste plants in Europe are already connected to Sidel Services Online,” explains Diogo Cortez, Industrial Buyer at Logo­plaste. “Given the amount of references for spare parts we are handling in each region around the world – approximately 27,000 – the tool increases the potential of our factories, so that they operate in a much more efficient way.”

Gebo Cermex brings intelligence and a complete end-of-line solution to Intermarché plant

After a serious fire Moulin de la Chaume, one of the four industrial bakeries of the Intermarché Group, rebuilt and re-equipped its plant in France. Gebo Cermex, part of the Sidel Group, was chosen for its ability to provide, within a challenging timeframe, a complete end-of-line solution managed through a centralised supervision system connected with the site’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This enabled the integration of production order management, as well as the traceability and intralogistics functions.

Solid growth for Twellium in Africa

Twellium brings beverages – such as still water, carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and sensitive products that have proven popular in Europe and the Americas – to African consumers. Due to the positive trajectory of these drinks in their market, the company needed to increase production capacity while still securing high flexibility. This is why they decided to renew their confidence in Sidel by adding two new complete PET lines to the ones they already had, which are all from Sidel.

Hassan Kesserwani and Hussein Kesserwani, Chairmen of Twellium Industrial Company, explain, “Versatility is imperative for our company. Our recent investment in a Sidel Matrix™ complete PET line has fulfilled this need by offering faster changeovers and the ability to handle many different bottle formats.”

Second complete hot-fill PET line for Nanjing Ziquan

Nanjing Ziquan, one of China’s leading co-packers, has again turned to Sidel to increase its hot-fill production capacity of Mizone, a functional drink brand particularly popular in China and packaged in PET. The new line follows positive feedback on a similar complete hot-fill PET line installed in 2013.

Because Nanjing Ziquan bottles products in PET on behalf of leading brands such as Danone, Coca-Cola and others for distribution in Greater China, they were looking for a solution able to respect the highest hygienic standards required by customers, while ensuring cost efficiency, so to keep the positive trajectory of their profitability. On top of the excellent and reliable performance of the previously installed Sidel line, another key factor driving the supplier’s choice was the reputation built by Sidel in China in terms of hygienic design and food safety.

According to the management team of Nanjing Ziquan, “Sidel has helped in optimising uptime and operating costs.”

Two complete PET water lines from Sidel run at top speed in Saudi Arabia

Following the successful installation two years ago of what was Sidel’s fastest bottling line in the world at the time, the Health Water Bottling Company (HWB) of Saudi Arabia turned to Sidel again. Producing the company’s Nova brand of water in 330 ml format, the two new complete PET water lines run at the new, record-­breaking output rate of 150,000 bottles per hour each, for a total installed output of 300,000 bottles per hour.

HWB also partnered with Sidel to refresh the look and branding of its Nova water bottles. By adopting the StarLite™ base, the company ensured complete product integrity across the supply chain and gave the popular, premium brand a more modern image, while achieving significant savings.

HWB Plant Manager Harry Nowers comments, “With everything centred on Sidel as a single supplier, we continue to leverage the company’s knowledge of the entire water bottling process, from minimising waste of resources, to ensuring the bottle is durable and attractive to consumers.”

Sidel receives FDA approval for its aseptic Combi Predis

The approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) means that this solution is validated for low-acid manufacturing and commercial distribution in the US market. As such, it is the world’s first aseptic PET filling equipment with dry preform sterilisation approved by the FDA.

More than 100 Combi Predis installations worldwide are a clear endorsement of this technology by major beverage and dairy companies. This regulatory acceptance further demonstrates how this Sidel patented technology is 100 per cent safe for the packaging of UHT milk, soy milk, coconut water, or teas in PET bottles that are sold through the ambient chain market in the US and the rest of the world.

So much more than a piece of machinery

At Interpack 2017, Gebo Cermex, world leader in packaging line engineering and material-handling solutions, introduced the Smart Machine, a compre­hensive robotic/cobotic case packing solution embedding advanced and connected systems. This is a 360° integrated approach to case packing, delivering all functionalities via four main innovative modules:

  • CareSelect™, an awarded, patented universal and modular shaped-bottle infeed and collating system, able to surpass traditional ‘endless screw’ collation systems in terms of bottle integrity and protection.
  • The fenceless robotic FlexiLoad™ for automatic magazine loading, eliminating the need for time-consuming, manual corrugated board magazine feeding and, importantly, the potential for operators’ musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
  • The WB46 wrap-around packing system, offering excellent performance in terms of flexibility, hygiene and ergonomics. This set of benefits has been recently enlarged, with a new on-the-fly robotic product loading station, which reduces the overall footprint of the machine, and the implementation of a new, user-friendly human machine interface (HMI).
  • The company’s Equipment Smart Monitoring (ESM) system that connects to the machine in order to read, transmit and organise performance data into a coherent dashboard, helping customers maximise the efficiency of component machines within their packaging lines.