From teat to tank – the DeLaval Rotary E100 milking system integrates the entire process

The DeLaval Rotary E100 is the result of an idea to create the ultimate rotary system for dairy farmers with grazing herds. Key members of the engineering team at DeLaval’s hub in Hamilton, New Zealand, utilised the research, innovations and developments of our global team of engineers and designers. This meant applying everything we have learned over the last 135 years designing, building and installing dairy systems throughout the world to the challenges and demands of today’s dairy farmer.

In the past, rotary systems tended to be assembled ad hoc with various components, but the DeLaval Rotary E100 combines the best of all existing milking shed technologies, while being durable, operator-friendly and protecting animal welfare. It is a single solution from a single provider, and it looks at milking cows from a farm management perspective.

The integrated system features the DeLaval CockPit™, which allows farmers to run the entire shed within an arm’s length of where they stand at “cups-on”. It allows full control of the entire milking process, with an ergonomically designed interactive data display. Improved access to relevant data and improved visibility means cows can receive more individual attention and farmers are supported with information to make better decisions.

In order to create a stress-free milking environment, the DeLaval ComfortBail™ was designed for the DeLaval Rotary E100. This bail integrates and hides the wires, pipes and technology needed for the rotary milking platform, ensuring clearer lines of visibility for worker and cow, safer access for the milker and a more consistent approach to getting the cows on and off the platform. Additional productivity features include built-in automatic teat spray as well as construction design that helps cows enter the milking bail willingly and quickly, in order to maximise the let-down process.

In the most efficient systems, the key limitation to throughput has always been cow traffic. The new DeLaval FastLane™ bridge is designed to make sure cows move as quickly, calmly and efficiently as possible through every DeLaval Rotary E100. Features such as rounded curves prevent injury to cows in the entry and exit areas, a vision barrier keeps cows from seeing each other, and there are various rubber flooring options for greater hoof comfort.

Launched in June 2017, the DeLaval Rotary E100 had been tested on a 500-cow farm in New Zealand. Sharemilker Chap Zweirs commented, “Any cowshed will do the basic job, so the built-in technology was the deciding factor for us to purchase the DeLaval Rotary E100.”

Even though the DeLaval Rotary E100 was developed for rigorous New Zealand conditions and requirements, the system is ideal for other markets with predominantly pasture-based herds such as Australia, South Africa, the UK, Ireland, France and Latin America.