When we send this report to print in April 2020, the Corona­virus has taken a tight grip on countries, communities and businesses globally. Our concern and thoughts are with all people affected by the virus.

The industries in which Tetra Laval operates are defined as essential, as we play an important and integral part of the food value chain. The Tetra Pak vision of ‘making food safe and available, everywhere’ has now been put to a tough test. Employees at DeLaval are walking an extra mile to secure that dairy farmers can continue to produce and deliver milk. Sidel is also reaching out to secure that their customers can operate in these unexpected and unpredictable times. Service engineers, factory workers and many others are making heroic efforts in helping our customers. We are proud to help our customers ensure that essential food reach consumers, everywhere.

Today no one can predict when we return to a new normal. Although the social distancing restrictions implemented by authorities will hopefully be lifted during the summer or early autumn, the impact on our business is difficult to foresee. We expect new investments by customers to be postponed, but on-going business to grow very much as expected given the need for the distribution of safe food. However, we will not speculate on this but will rather keep our focus on the continuous protection of our employees and of our customers’ business.

Customised services drive competitiveness and sustainability

To help customers strengthen their competitiveness while reducing their impacts on the planet, Tetra Laval has sharpened its service offering in recent years. Regardless of whether customers have a particular challenge they want to overcome, or if they want to improve operational efficiency, save costs and reduce their environmental footprint, our services help them to realise their objectives. Our service solutions are purpose-­built for each customers’ unique needs and situation, and focus on the customer value they will deliver.

This year’s Annual Report showcases how our three industry groups have developed their service offerings to lead their markets. Tetra Pak Services draws on unique industry offerings, expertise and digital technologies to provide data, insights and actions that make customer processes more cost-effective, efficient and sustainable. Sidel has refined its service offering, in order to become a ‘guaranteed performance partner’, particularly by shifting from reactive to preventive maintenance. DeLaval has introduced new capabilities to monitor equipment remotely that can optimise the farmer’s daily operations.